LGfL Digital Excellence Awards 2020


We are pleased to announce that the Digital Excellence Awards 2020 competition in now open; celebrating best practice and innovative approaches in using the wide range of learning resources and services provided by LGfL.

Please visit awards2020.lgfl.net.

We will be accepting entries to the five categories as detailed here (follow the links for entry forms):

Category 1 – Digital Excellence Award: Innovative Use of LGfL Content Form 1

Category 2 – Digital Excellence Award: Inclusive Practice Using LGfL Resources Form 2

Category 3 – DigiSafe Excellence Award: Keeping Children Safe Online – A Joined-up Safeguarding and Curriculum Approach Form 3

Category 4 – Digital Excellence Award: Whole School Cloud Transformation Form 4

Category 5 – Digital Excellence Award: Innovative Use of Adobe Creative Cloud Form 5

This year we have included a cash prize of £1000 in addition to the physical award and an image you can display on your school website. The closing date for entries is 28th February 2020.

Why do schools enter the LGfL Awards?

Schools will have different reasons for entering, but one common theme is usually the desire to receive validation and recognition for the school’s digital journey with the support of LGfL and this year of course there is a cash prize too!

What impact might winning the LGfL Award have on your school?

Previous winners (and those who were highly commended) comment that not only did it give the school a boost and recognition for the work they have done, but it also provided them with a platform to build on and further embed the use of technology and LGfL resources throughout the school and support others to do so too. 

The previous winners would urge others to just give it a go! They say it gives you the opportunity to reflect on what your school has implemented in terms of a digital strategy and may also help you to prioritise future plans. So what are you waiting for?

For more like this visit LGfL TV where you can listen to a range of winning schools talking about the reasons why they entered, the impact the awards have had and much more.

Please let us know  of any suggestions for blog posts or indeed if you would like to write a guest post by contacting us on LGfL’s Twitter or Facebook. 



LGfL Digital Excellence Award Winners 2018

The winners of our Digital Excellence Awards were announced at our annual conference – congratulations to all our winners as well as all schools shortlisted.

Online Safety Award – Tudor Primary School

The judges commented:

There are a range of resources and embedded across the school.  The peer led aspects are particularly strong, the young people are clearly involved and responsible for their own safety and the safety of others.  There are extensive parental opportunities to be involved and the school is very proactive and use surveys to consistently identify issues and support.

Use of j2e Tools – Ranelagh Primary School

The judges commented:

There is extensive use of the j2e tool suite within the school. There is a long term development plan and the home school use is clearly embedded.  The school monitors the use of j2e access, use and files shared across the school.  There is good CPD embedded and the school is clearly getting good value for money.

Digital Excellence by students – Elm Park Primary School

The judges commented:

The school uses technology across the curriculum and the digital leaders support technology across the school and the curriculum, including the promoting of online safety. The peer mentors support their fellow pupils across the school. The visit to the school saw technology used across the curriculum, across a range of devices and platforms both in whole class, small group and pupil lead activities.

LGfL Inclusive practice – The Cedars Primary School

The judges commented:

There are clear links to all curriculum areas.  The needs of the children are clearly identified and resources are used well to support them.  The school is creative in their use of technology and there is extensive, embedded use across the school.  There are clear considerations of emotional well being and improving behaviour across the school and the impact is clear.

Parental Engagement – Anson Primary School

The judges commented:

The judges were impressed that parental engagement has been embedded for a long time. The school is encouraging parents to get engaged with safer use of technology at home.  The school has packaged this so that school across London can benefit from the Anson Primary initiative.

Whole School use of LGfL – Newington Green Primary School

The judges commented:

The school showed an extensive use of a wide range of LGfL resources in all phases.  There is innovative and creative use of resources.  The use is very inclusive with resources and opportunities identified for all learners.  There is a whole school digital strategy and LGfL resources and opportunities are embedded by all subject leaders.

There was also a highly commended awarded in this category to Trafalgar Infant School

The judges commented:

The judges were very impressed by the high expectations of the young children. The school makes full use of the LGfL resources and the children are very able and eager users of the resources supported by an excellent team of digital leaders within the school.


You can watch the award ceremony below:

Case studies from the winning schools will be available soon to enable all London schools to learn from and adapt to your own context.

The LGfL Digital Excellence Awards for 2019 will be starting earlier next year so will hopefully provide more opportunities for you to get involved and share your successes and be recognised for the great work that goes on in every school, every day.