Saving Schools Money and Keeping Children Safe

Over the last 12 months LGfL has been working closely with schools and education leaders to build a new generation of cloud based digital services that provide fantastic value, keep children safe and support innovation in schools.

As a result of this collaboration we are delighted to announce a positive and fundamental refresh of the LGfL subscription. For schools the changes mean that a number of new market leading products are now available at no additional cost and form part of the LGfL subscription. Further products will be added shortly which will help schools save even more money.

The products we’ve added to the LGfL subscription focus on providing additional layers of defence against cybersecurity threats, support GDPR compliance along with innovation within the curriculum. They are also products that schools have asked LGfL to provide as a priority and I’m pleased that we’ve been able to deliver.

If a school makes use of all the market leading products that are being added to the LGfL subscription, we estimate that a secondary school will save around an additional £13,000 per annum and a primary school around a further £5,000 per annum. This saving is over and above the bundle the school already receives (including web filtering, internet access, curriculum content etc.) and reinforces our commitment to ensuring we are providing the safest and most secure environment for teaching and learning. These savings have been delivered by our new LGfL procurement team called “SmartBuy” which has specialist skills to secure the best prices from bulk buying. We estimate that this team has already saved London schools over £5M this year.


The products that LGfL has added to the LGfL subscription are:-

  • Meraki Mobile Device Management – enables secure management and control of all school devices (including PCs) as well as providing features such as the remote deletion of data (a GDPR requirement). Product details can be found here. Up to 700 free licences can be claimed by secondary schools and 300 by primary schools. To claim your licences please send an email to
  • Sophos Intercept X – provides sophisticated protection for private and sensitive data ensuring schools don’t suffer ransomware attacks or lockouts. Product details can be found here. To claim your licence please contact the LGfL Helpdesk on 020 82 555555
  • MalwareBytes – finds and removes malware from devices. In some schools, up to 80% of devices have been found to be infected with malware which this software has eradicated. Product details can be found here.  To claim your licence please send an email to
  • Sophos Server Advance – delivers added security protection for servers. Product details can be found here.  To claim your licence please send an email to
  • CloudReady /Neverware (from the end of July 2018) – enables old laptops to be used as functioning Chromebooks. Up to 100 subscriptions can be claimed by secondary schools and 30 by primary schools. Schools, will, however, need to purchase an associate Chrome Management Licence for each CloudReady device. Product details can be found here.  To claim your licences please send an email to
  • J2E – Access to the latest version of this award-winning curriculum software. This is a site licence for the whole school;From September 2018 the following products will be added to the LGfL subscription:-
  • Egress Switch – ensures secure and encrypted messaging and GDPR compliance for schools sending personal and confidential data. Each secondary school will be able to claim up to 15 licences and each primary school 5 licences. Product details can be found here.  To claim your licences please send an email to
  • Sophos Anti Phish – enables schools to request tests that will establish whether staff recognise phishing emails. Product details can be found here.  To claim your licence please send an email to
  • Busythings Update – Our most popular curriculum software for primary and SEND schools will be updated to the latest version, accessible from all devices.



Alongside new products we are investing and updating the core LGfL services including web filtering (WebScreen), the Support Site (to make it more user friendly) as well as investing to increase the resilience and capacity of our dedicated education network. We have recently provisioned Soft OTP which has made USO easier to use. WebScreen, as part of LGfL’s CyberProtect strategy is being upgraded to make filtering more intuitive as well as allowing schools, MATS, Federations & Faith Schools to develop appropriate bespoke filtering policies. Improvements are planned for Remote Access to make it easier for staff to access date securely across sites and from home and we are upgrading LGfL VoIP interface to make the system more intuitive and improving ease of use.

These are exciting times for education and LGfL is determined to bring you the very best in digital innovation at a great price.


John Jackson CEO LGfL

LGfL Annual Conference 2018

Many thanks to all those who attended our LGfL Conference last week. This blog post is a round up of announcements made and links to presentations and keynotes.

Space Adventures

Launched on Monday, this unique and engaging cross curricular resource is based around an original story commissioned by LGfL  by the award-winning author Cath Howe. Space Adventures features a comprehensive set of resources for Maths, Literacy and Science and a whole self-contained Computing Unit created by max Wainwright, author of the popular Espresso Coding resource for primary schools.  The resource features dramatic video content alongside a virtual reality experience. You can access the resource here.

Microsoft and LGfL launch Minecraft Education London.

Minecraft Education London, launched this week will be rolled out to 100 schools across London, the programme provided by Microsoft partner Prodigy Learning will enable pupils to use Code builder in Minecraft to develop their skills in coding and science, technology engineering and maths.  In a world-first, they will also be able to take recognised certifications in Minecraft at KS2 and KS3 level, giving your people a unique way to show they understand these subjects. Training will also be available to teachers how to use Minecraft in the classroom.  To find out more and to register an interest:

LGfL and Google Neverware.
Given current budgetary pressures and compliance demands, it’s more important now than ever to find practical solutions that increase secure, cloud-centric access to computing in schools.  LGfL and Google are committed to helping schools transform old kit into new kit with CloudReady. CloudReady is an operating system built on the same foundation as Chromebooks, devices on CloudReady run like new, enabling schools to increase reliable device access without having to buy new kit.  Please fill out this form if you are interested in converting old devices into CloudReady ones through LGfL and Neverware.

VR Champions project with Avantis

Our latest champions project was also launched this week. This will enable 32 schools across London to become VR Champions. The project includes full device management and integrated LGfL AR/VR content including training support alongside a 50% discount Class VR, to register your interest please email:

Keynote presentations

Our keynote presentations can all be viewed on LGfL TV by following this link.

You can view the introduction from John Jackson our CEO below:

Seminar presentations

Presentations from the seminars can be viewed by following the links below:

Cloud Transformation with G Suite

Primary Content Update

Online Safety

Virtual and Augmented Reality in the classroom



Mental Health and Well being

SEND Primary

Moving the cloud for School Leaders

Microsoft Tools and Cloud Transformation – this was a live demo. Link to keynote slides

Secondary conent update

Thank you to all those who attended and have completed the feedback forms – for those who have not yet completed you have until Friday 11th May to be in with a chance to be entered into the prize draw.