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Dive Into Data Science – A GIS Champions Pilot Project

We are pleased to announce that LGfL and Esri UK are offering all LGfL schools the opportunity to take part in a Champions Pilot Project that focuses on the use of maps, apps and data visualisation. Through the free ArcGIS Online platform, you can easily make sense of complex data for meaningful teaching and learning.

You can:

  • Collect primary data quickly and accurately
  • Access high quality secondary data at local and global scales
  • Make data meaningful through easy to create maps and infographics
  • Create interactive, narrative driven resources for your classroom using Storymaps
  • Work with us to develop appropriate pedagogy around teaching with ArcGIS Online

This world leading GIS technology powerfully supports the effective delivery of the geography and wider curriculum in Primary, Secondary and SEND Schools.

Find out more about ArcGIS Online inside and outside of the classroom here.

The Pilot

Join us on the 25th February at LGfL offices near Liverpool St between 1:30pm and 4:00pm to get an introduction to the platform and develop a focus for its use in your school. Receive ongoing support from the Esri UK and LGfL team and return in the summer term to share experiences and celebrate achievements.

Attached to the project is a maths specialist who will be available to work with schools of any kind to develop the application of the platform within the context of the maths curriculum. This element can include in school support for schools wishing to focus on the numeracy curriculum.

How much does it cost to use ArcGIS?

The ArcGIS platform is free for all schools in the UK.

What will I achieve by taking part in the pilot?

  • Become a leader in effective teaching with GIS in the geography curriculum and beyond.
  • Understand how the broader service mix from LGfL can also help deliver this and related parts of the curriculum.
  • Collaboration with other LGfL schools in developing pedagogy around Edtech.

For further information about the pilot, please email

To sign up for the pilot and attend the first day on the 25th February, please go to 

To view the new Arc GIS portal on LGfL go to:

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