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Ed-Tech Demonstrator Events to get you ready for Ed-verything!

Three months into lockdown and remote teaching and learning is proving to be an exciting, but complex, aspect of lockdown living that many teachers and students are now struggling with. Whether it is trying to provide effective safeguarding, ensuring a variety of activities are set for pupils, or just getting to grips with how the technology works – it can feel like a bit of a minefield!

Before COVID-19 became the focal point of every conversation and the whole education system was thrown into a spin, the EdTech Demonstrator programme was created to research effective practices regarding the use of technologies within education, and how they can be best used to support student learning and growth. Now, with the general closure of schools for all but key-worker children, remote learning is now on the forefront of our minds. The task of shifting an array of lesson plans, as well as teacher-student interactions, online, is no small feat. In response, the programme has undergone a significant shift to help to support this transition to a digital future.

Schools and colleges across England that have displayed an exceptional grasp of these technologies have been selected for this programme. These 38 schools and colleges will help share their experience and technical knowhow with other supported schools (those that have signed up to our programme); providing tailored, peer-to-peer support to help these schools adapt to the changing terrain of education and provide remote-education for all.

The EdTech Demonstrator programme is designed with adaptability in mind as we do not know what the future holds, but we do know that delivering a high-quality education is a must, now and into the future. Our events have developed with this in mind.
These include free webinars and online group events; with a chance to hear how other schools and colleges handled the transition, ask questions to EdTech Demonstrator schools and colleges, and discover aspects of remote learning that you may not have even considered!
Hundreds of teachers have been assisted by the events, with everything from setting up virtual schools or classrooms on a variety of different platforms, to equipping students with the devices and tools they need to take part in remote learning. There are 13 of these events recorded and available on the site, which is particularly useful for those of you with hectic schedules as a result of the chaos!

Although, in those rare times your schedule does allow you to attend our live events, you get to become part of a community of EdTech Demonstrators, sharing your accumulated knowledge and experiences. Schools and colleges are developing closer regional ties which further reinforces the development of their ed-tech knowledge. Through communicating via both one-to-one and online social media platforms, the conversation on how to effectively implement ed-tech is bolstered.

There are many events coming up soon, a few to note include:
EdTech Festival, Broadclyst Community Primary School, Today 6th July and Tomorrow 7th July 2020, 0930 – 1700
A chance to meet industry experts and high-profile speakers as they share their perspectives on the learning technology that is set to shape the future of education!

EdTech Think Tank: In conversation with London Demonstrators, EdTech London Demonstrators, 8th July 2020, 1530 – 1630
A live Q&A session with various London schools where they share their thoughts about the hybrid learning scenarios playing out in education today.

Supporting the mental health and emotional wellbeing of secondary-aged pupils, West Suffolk College, 14th July 2020, 17 – 1800
Hazel will lead us into a deep dive into the true meaning of mental wellbeing. They will discuss the practical application of the PERMA theory in classrooms and through remote-learning tools.

These are just a few of the exciting events they have lined up to help teachers adapt and develop a long-term network of support. The EdTech Demonstrator programme is always developing and seeking new information to share via webinars, roundtable discussions and presentations for schools to take advantage of. This is definitely a programme worth getting involved with. Find more information about the events I’ve just listed and many others in the pipeline over at:


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