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The King's Coronation 2023 - NEW LGfL Resource

As you will be aware on Saturday 6th May, The Coronation of His Majesty The King and Her Majesty The Queen Consort is taking place. 

This is a once-in-a-lifetime moment rather than a syllabus staple and presents an exciting opportunity for learning and taking part in a key historical event. With this in mind, please read on to find out about LGfL's new Learning Resource Portal - The Coronation

NEW LGfL Learning Resource Portal

We are pleased to share our dedicated portal for the Coronation.
Below is a screenshot:
Screenshot 2023-03-08 at 13.17.45
To help your school celebrate this important moment in history, Royal Collection Trust (RCT) has created a number of linked resources and activities that can be accessed by the four themed sections (these are accessible through our portal but also by clicking the links below):
Royal Collection Trust also gave LGfL unique access to the Royal Mews and this has resulted in unique content with an insight into the cars and how they are designed for royal use. There will also be more video content added SOON (please keep revisiting the portal for the release).


LGfL and RCT Competition

Following the success of our Platinum Jubilee Competition in partnership with the Royal Collection Trust in 2022, we are pleased to announce another joint competition this time for the Coronation. The competition is an opportunity for pupils to mark the King's Coronation in the form of an original art creation/design. 

To design a new Official State Mode of Transport; this should be “fit for the future”. 

Pupils will need to consider how to make their design environmentally friendly, energy efficient etc. We encourage both digital designs aswell as hand-drawn entries (a maximum of 10 per school). Click on the links below for FAQs and to submit entries. 

Submit entries
 Deadline for entries by 4pm on 19th May 2023

Busy Things

You can explore ready-made templates by visiting the Busy Things Special Events tab (May - Coronation of King Charles III) as well as visiting LGfL's site; to access these resources you will need to login to Busy Things.

Busy Things have provided a range of activities in the Coronation section where you can make your own placemat/bunting, labelling activities, colouring sheets, create a portrait of the King, royal line up game and they also have provided a printable activity pack.  

Coronation BT         


We have a host of LGfL-curated ready-made Just2Easy j2e templates (as shown in the image below):

j2e Coronation

These activities can be accessed by our Let's Get Digital subscribers; they include: create a Coronation Crown; code a crown, make an animation, stamp or portrait, write a newspaper article, acrostic poem and explore coronation music. (Example of one of the activity examples in the j2e Community Library pictured below).

stamp j2e

We are hoping to add links to other free resources as and when companies publish these. The Government have their own dedicated site for the Coronation also linked from our site.

We would love you to share your work on our Twitter or Facebook pages tag with #Coronation

Royal Collection Trust channels: Twitter:@RCT, Facebook:@royalcollectiontrust and Instagram: @royalcollectiontrust

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