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How to get the most from your LGfL IncludED service

We thought it would be timely to remind you of the many ways that you can engage with the IncludED service to ensure that you get the most out of your LGfL service. 


LGfL Inclusion resource consultant Belinda Evans explains top tips on how to maximise the impact of the IncludED service in your school.

Here are our top tips.

Tip 1. Sign up the the IncludED Newsletter

Sign up for the IncludED newsletter to keep up to date and find further advice about how to ensure your teaching and learning opportunities are as inclusive as possible. To sign up for the newsletter click here

Tip 2. Take part in some of our free InspirED inclusive training 

Access our free online extensive InspirED training program. LGfL in-school support, training, and conference events are integral parts of the LGfL service provided at no extra charge for schools. We have a vast offer of free training with full overviews of each course, information about who should attend, and what attendees will learn in each session.

To sign up for training click here

Tip 3. Access and use the inclusion resources

To support the inclusion agenda in school remember to use and embed the inclusion resources in your daily teaching and learning activities. There are so many key resources accessible to you that will support not only individual learners but group and whole class teaching and learning opportunities.

Remember to use the filter menu to locate specific resources for specific needs

Here is an example of a school using Busy Things across the age ranges for many curriculum teaching and learning opportunities.


To access inclusion learning resources click here

Tip 4. Look at our case studies for inspiration and support ideas

We have an increasing vault of case studies of leaders and classroom practitioners in the field of inclusion via our case study resources area. We are building a wide range of accessible case studies from a range of schools to support inclusive practices across all schools. This case study clip below is from Whitefield School in Liverpool,  an outstanding primary school and an extremely inclusive school that celebrates a culture of possibility. In this clip, Deputy Headteacher, Marie Beale, explains how their inclusive approach helped pupils during periods of remote learning and how they use technology and LGfL resources to support all learners.

To access further case studies click here

Tip 5. Embed our inclusion calendar so you don't miss out on key dates throughout the year.

So you don't miss out on those important national dates and initiatives both in inclusion and well-being update your calendar with our inclusion calendar. This marks key inclusion and well-being awareness dates throughout the year with links to relevant resources and further information 

To access the inclusion and well-being calendar click here    



Tip 6. Investigate our PedTech resources

Access the Pedtech resources to ensure your pedagogy leads your inclusion practices.

What do we mean by PedTech? 

Click below to hear the founder of PedTech, Dr Fiona Aubrey-Smith, explain what PedTech is and its importance to our teaching and learning practices and implementation. If EdTech is the shoe that fits the foot ... PedTech is the leg that gives that foot purpose and direction. 

To access the PedTech resources click here

Tip 7. Visit our Edtech hubs site for inspiration

Build up your knowledge of inclusive practices by accessing the EdTech hubs site   This is a developing community of practice that provides peer-to-peer support for the effective use of technology for enhancing teaching and learning in schools and colleges across England. One of the main themes of the EdTech resources is in supporting inclusive practice  

There is also a fascinating series of evidence from HighFurlong School in Oldham explaining how they use technology to support a wide range of learners and how Highfurlong staff have supported and helped mainstream colleagues gain a better understanding of the profile of needs of their learners.

To access the Edtech hub resources click  here 

Tip 8. Subscribe to ‘The Included Conversation’ podcast

Download and enjoy our ‘The Included Conversation’ podcast where you can hear expert insights on inclusive practices. Just before Easter, we launched this new podcast channel offering expert insight into inclusive educational practice for all.

Hosted by Bob Usher from LGfL and inclusion experts John Galloway and Carol Allen. These experts have been talking to key members of the inclusive community and exploring the latest inclusive thinking, challenges, and opportunities.  The episodes explore current issues and approach to inclusion to help develop an understanding of how we can all be more inclusive in our everyday teaching practice

To access the podcasts click here

Tip 9. Subscribe to the LGfL blogs to keep up to date with curriculum matters, Inclusion and Safeguarding

Subscribe to the curriculum blog to hear about the latest developments in curriculum and inclusion, safeguarding, and the effective integration of technology to enhance teaching and learning. The blog is regularly updated by the curriculum, inclusion, and safeguarding teams at LGfL to ensure that you are well-informed and up to date with not only our services but key events and strategic developments across the educational landscape.

  To access the curriculum blog click here

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