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Home learning with Reading Zone Live and just2easy toolsuite

We have heard from both teachers and parents that they want more ideas to support home learning, the Inspire team have been busy and we have come with new ways to help the LGfL Community get the most out of our Home Learning resources at HLresources.lgfl.net.

ReadingZone Live Home Learning is the first in a range of new resources aimed at supporting home learning by giving simple and fun activities that children at home can complete.

ReadingZone Live is a development of the existing partnership between LGfL and www.Readingzone.com and brings regular interviews and live video conferences with some of the best contemporary children’s authors to London schools.

Antony Horowitz, Henry Winkler, Sophie McKenzie, Michael Morpurgo, Julian Clary, Sally Nichols and Lauren Child are among the authors who have already joined us for the ReadingZone Live programme, which is helping inspire young people to explore new authors and genres and to develop their own creative writing.

For our first ever ReadingZone Live Home Learning we are focusing on Oliver Jeffers, Oliver makes art and tells stories his books include ‘How to catch a star’ ‘Lost and found’ and is the illustrator of the #1 best seller ‘‘The day the crayons quit’ 

Oliver Jeffers has been every day reading one of his award-winning stories live on Instagram and then hosting them on his website, you can see all of the stories he has already read here.

The aim of ReadingZone Live Home Learning is simple, creating simple engaging lesson ideas powered by the fantastic video interviews made by the Reading Zone Live team, each weekly set of slides will have 5 videos linked to 5 tasks for your students to complete the resources are non-Key Stage specification and with support (if needed) can be completed by any primary school student.

The slides are made in the fantastic Just2Easy Toolsuite tool j2whiteboard for more details on j2whiteboad watch this quick video:


You won’t need to login to j2e to access the slides as they are published and public-facing and are accessible on all devices from PC’s to tablets to phones (but you may need to resize the slides using the scale selecter at the bottom left) can see the set of slides by simply sharing this link:


The slides have audio so students won't have to read to understand the instructions, just click on the Bradley icon!

The tasks for this week are:

  • Task 1: Simplify a story in the least amount of pictures/symbols/emojis that you can.
  • Task 2: Create a story from an illustration
  • Task 3: Remix a storybook by changing the text or illustrations.
  • Task 4: Explore the 7 genres of storytelling and see if you can think of an example for each genre.
  • Task 5: Write a letter explaining a concept/object to an alien.

And remember In support of continuing meaningful educational activities, LGfL has given open access to the majority of LGfL Learning Resources (no login is required) for members of the LGfL community to support schools during the school closures relating to the Coronavirus. LGfL content partners have kindly agreed to suspend the normal LGfL access control to facilitate teacher and pupil access when working from home.

The Inspire team have gone through all of the curriculum resources at curriculum.lgfl.net and curated resources suitable for home learning, You can find them by using the new home learning filter or by using this quick link: hlresources.lgfl.net

Please note that the access control will change but the licence terms will not.

Further details of licence conditions can be found in the individual summary page for each resource found at hlresources.lgfl.net

We would love to hear your thoughts on our new resource and what you would like us to make next to support Home Learning and also how we can support you and your students just contact the Inspire team by emailing contentsupport@lgfl.net or contact the LGfL Switchboard: 020 82 555 555.

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